Personal Concierge Services
Finally get the help you need and deserve.

We want more people to know that it’s ok to ask for help, and to want to spend more time on the things that you love.

Alice + Albert can help make your personal life more simple through our affordable, guilt free service. Take the time to enjoy life’s precious moments whilst we take care of your to-do list in the background.

Engage your own Personal Concierge today to help you get through a finite list of tasks or as guilt free back-up for when you need it most.  We tailor make each service to fit you and your needs. Below is just an idea of some of the things we can take off your to-do list, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just let us know.

We can’t wait to bring some calm into your life.

“Do more of what makes you happy”

Your Alice + Albert Personal Concierge will:
  • Meet your for your free consultation at a time and place that suits you
  • Provide tailored support to your personal or professional life
  • Action + complete anything on your to-do list exactly as you need it done, no matter how big, small, mundane or wacky the task is
  • Carry out a one-off task or a series of routine tasks on a regular basis
  • Finalise those tasks you’ve been trying to get to for months
  • Keep you up-to-date on the status of your tasks via your preferred communication method or our online tool
  • Be your reliable extra pair of hands, on call for whenever you need it
  • Provide you with a summary of tasks completed + any time remaining as part of your purchased package
  • Give you your time back to do more of what’s important to you
For your personal life
  • General errand running
  • Dry-cleaning + clothing alterations
  • Mail management including parcel mailing
  • Social media set-up or update
  • Sourcing best deals for everyday expenses e.g. insurances
  • Set-up/coordination of important date reminders
  • Support for execution of personal projects
  • Support with online dating profile creation
Time for you
  • Organise personal services + appointments
  • Coordination of special occasions e.g. romantic weekends away
  • Welcoming package at home on return from travel e.g. clean house, food in fridge
  • FIFO support
  • Restaurant + bar recommendations e.g. new ones to try in your area
  • Concert tracking + ticket buying
Family organisation
  • Source services + book appointments
  • Holiday + travel coordination
  • Organise house sitting + pet boarding
  • Event coordination e.g. birthdays, family gatherings
  • Coordinate back to school requirements
  • Source + arrange child minding services
Personal shopping
  • Groceries + pharmacy
  • Presents – purchase + wrapping + delivery
  • Home purchases – appliances + furniture
  • Miscellaneous items
For your professional life
  • Review + update of professional image
  • CV review + update
  • Update of LinkedIn profile
  • Assist with job searching
  • Review + update home spaces for best/desired use
  • Source quotes/purchase new furniture + storage solutions
  • Coordinate installation of new furniture + storage
  • Wardrobe de-clutter + re-organisation
  • Sell unwanted items
  • Coordinate charity donations
  • Support for distribution of belongings for deceased estates
Home projects
  • Source + coordinate services –  cleaning, handy-man, plumbing etc
  • Research + support for home projects
  • Coordinate purchase + delivery/installation of purchases eg. white goods
  • Scanning of photos + paperwork
  • Source quotes + organise off-site storage (short + long term)
  • Quotes + coordinate furniture/art restoration
  • Home events coordinations + set-up eg. parties
Relocation support
  • Source quotes + manage relocation services
  • Coordinate packing + unpacking
  • Arrange entry + exit cleaning/gardening services
  • Coordinate laundry + meals/groceries during move
  • Arrange storage facilities
  • Coordinate handyman + other services/deliveries
  • Service connections + mail re-direction
On demand


  • Your own A+A Personal Concierge to action + complete your tasks as required
  • An extra pair of hands on call for whenever you need it
  • Valid for use within 6 months of purchase
  • Communication + task updates via preferred method
  • Summary of tasks completed + time remaining
  • Your details saved for the next time you need a hand
  • Direct debit options available
  • Access to special offers, discounts + events only available to A+A customers


How much does it cost?

$88 p/hour


Minimum purchase of 1 hour

If your task takes less than an hour (rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes) then any remaining time will remain in credit for 6 months.

If the task takes longer than an hour, the additional time will be charged by the minute at $1.46 and rounded to up  the closest 15 minutes, unless more than one hour is purchased in advance.

You may also choose to have this set-up as a weekly direct debit for continued priority weekly service. Contact us about setting this up today.

See our FAQs for more information on service inclusions.



  • Discount applied for hours purchased as a package in advance
  • Valid for use within 6 months of purchase
  • Your own A+A Personal Concierge to action + complete your tasks as required
  • An extra pair of hands on call for whenever you need it
  • Communication + task updates via your preferred method
  • Butler service whenever a home visit is carried out
  • Summary of tasks completed + time remaining
  • Access to special offers, discounts + events only available to A+A customers


How much does it cost?

15 hour package – $79 p/hr


You will be advised when your package is approaching completion so you can purchase another block of time or have your service completed at our standard rate of $1.46 p/minute rounded up to the closest 15 minutes.

See our FAQs for more information on service inclusions.

Need the help but still not quite sure how to make our service work for you?

You’re not alone and it’s why we offer you a free discovery session so that we can help you work it out.  Many of our clients don’t know where to start, but we haven’t met a client we haven’t been able to help yet and even if you don’t go ahead you might just pick up some handy tips to get you started!  What have you got to lose?  Get in touch today.