You are helping us to make a difference.
Giving back.

Every time we do business, something amazing happens.

At Alice + Albert we genuinely care about making a difference. Not only in lives of our clients but also for those further afar and the world around us.
Whilst we are only small, we believe that every little bit counts.

We are all trying to create a happier life and whilst we hope we are helping you to do just that, your engagement of us allows us to do that for others who are also trying to create a better future for themselves, their loved ones and the world around them.

Through you and our wonderful partnership with the Global Giving Initiative B1G1: Business for Good, we are helping to create a world of giving. So, when you do something for you or someone you care about, you are also doing something for others and we hope you think that’s as awesome as we do.

Every time one of the business transactions happens below, we give on your behalf as our way of saying thanks and at no extra cost to you.
We are just starting out, but please continue to check back regularly to see and track the initiatives we are supporting and the global impact that we are making together.

Our Giving Stories.

Whether it be a new Personal Concierge, Business Support service or whether one of our strategic partners engages us or a gift voucher is purchased we give on your behalf.

Below you can see where these contributions are going:

Geographical impact across the globe

A+A Giving Impact to Date

B1G1 community impact

Want to get involved?

Please check out the B1G1 website by clicking on their logo below to find out more about the awesome work they do and how they do it. You can also choose to donate to hundreds of other worthy causes if you wish to from as little as $1.

Is there is a particular cause that you are passionate about? Let us know and we’ll look to create a personalised giving story for you and your service so you can track your own impact.

Together let’s create a global habit of giving back.