Property concierge services take care of your biggest asset: your home or your investment. Whether you have one house or a whole portfolio, you want to make sure someone professional and experienced is available to take care of it.

A concierge’s main concern is to take the stressful tasks away from their clients and complete them quickly. Buying and selling property would definitely make that list.

When it’s time to sell, property concierge services will have the experience to get your house sale-ready. They will have  a network of cleaners, decorators, and maybe a real estate photographer on call. It takes potential buyers less than three seconds to decide if they love or hate something. But the client of a concierge service has the advantage of knowing (and bragging) that they’ve had the placed styled by a pro.

For every seller, there’s a buyer. And not every buyer has time to spare from their busy life to deal with, let alone start, a property search. This is where the property concierge services will take over. The client will have a list of criteria or examples from their existing portfolio. With these in hand, the search takes off and the concierge will come back with a few options.

Property concierges don’t stop at the buying and selling stages. They’re available right through to moving day. The service coordinates moving household items, connecting the utilities, unpacking, and more. When the owners come to their new home, the only thing they need to worry about is what to cook for dinner. The concierge, ever so efficient, will have made sure to stock the fridge.

Property concierge services are especially suited to investors, both local and international, looking to maintain and expand their portfolio. They also cater to people just looking to move house. The concierge takes on the stress of moving day so their clients don’t have to.