Personal concierges are professional organisers, lifestyle managers, errand runners, and, to some people,  best friends. A professional organiser has the know-how, the network, and the resolve to get stuff done for their clients when it all becomes too much.

A professional organiser for business

In business, one missed appointment can break a contract, damage rapport, and lose money
(a bit drastic but you get the point). People are only human and sometimes
forget to write something in the calendar because they’re just too busy.

A professional organiser has the experience to take a messy diary and clean it until the whole day, week, or month flows seamlessly. This is vital for executives who are in and out of offices and rely on correct calendars. A concierge service can also organise flights, accommodation, even a car service for business trips.   

For home

Home is where the heart is, but it’s hard to love when it’s messy. Homeowners and renters can rely on a professional organiser to take care of the tasks that just seem too much. Cleaning the wardrobe, reorganising the home office, or selling unwanted stuff? These are just some of the jobs organisers can do without breaking a sweat.

For you

You’re a busy person and you pride yourself on having everything in place, but sometimes you need a bit of help. For example, someone who works full time wants to take a holiday but faces deadlines at work. They’ll trust their personal concierge to gather accommodation, flight, and restaurant options.

It’s the same for the house. Because the professional concierge has done the jobs for their client, the client now has time for themselves to enjoy. This time can be spent, as the saying goes, treating yourself. Get that manicure, go on a shopping trip, or hop on that plane!