Can effective lifestyle management make you happy?


Most Australian’s relate more to a concierge service or butlers being provided in top hotels. Overseas, particularly in the UK and the US, the availability and services provided by a personal concierge are better known and more commonly used.


So why is Australia slow to seek help with their domestic chores, errands or weekly to-do lists?


Well, a few months ago we decided to initiate an Australian wide survey to uncover lifestyle trends and understand the perceptions around outsourcing domestic duties and personal errands.


Our first official survey was conducted with men and women aged between 17 and 60+ year from across Australia. We’ve decided to call this our – Do More of What Makes You Happy report.


We got a fantastic response to the survey. The most fascinating being the different responses between men and women, showing our different approaches to outsourcing of our domestic and personal tasks.


Read the report and our findings here:  A+A Survey Report – 27 June 2017_Final


In summary:


Over 50% of the respondents had not heard of a concierge service before but once they had a little more information, were keen to engage such a service.


So it would appear, providing an affordable personal concierge and lifestyle management service would indeed provide a number of Australians the help they need to be able to “do more of what makes them happy”.


Did you take part in our survey?  Thank you if you did!

What do you think of the results?