Lifestyle management exists because people are getting busier. We spend more time at work or working, and less time at home. On Mother’s Day mum’s don’t need another day of managing chores, or children, or anything else for that matter. When it comes to lifestyle management for Mum, what can you do?


Getting the house together

Personal concierges are master organisers. Rather than at an office or hotel, they work in their client’s homes (or at least around it).

Too much of mum’s time can be taken up around the household.  A personal concierge can take care of the errands, the groceries, and the cleaning; they can take the to do list away leaving mum to get on with the things that really matter.


A day, a night, a weekend out

Everyone needs a bit of TLC and Mother’s Day is an opportunity to go that extra mile. There are plenty of options around the internet (too many) to choose from! Personal concierge services can research packages or places based on their client’s wishes and come back with a few good options. This can range from restaurant recommendations to booking a weekend away!

In the lead up to the big day, businesses will advertise specials, and magazines will write features on what to do for Mum. Options like high tea at hotels are common because they are a special treat; who doesn’t love an afternoon of tea and cake?


The gift of time

“I wish I had more time for…” is a phrase you hear often, “time for sleep/to myself/a bit of peace and quiet.” If time is what Mum wants and needs, personal concierges can arrange it. They can arrange something for the family so Mum can take time out for herself, they can also book a spa/hotel/getaway just for her.

Effective lifestyle management also means giving time back. The concierge takes on the to-do list so Mum doesn’t have to. This frees her up to go to the gym or to just sit back and relax. A few extra minutes of time to focus on you is sometimes all you need.