Preparing yourself for a job interview is tinged with emotions; nerves, anxiety or even a bit of confidence. Not matter how you feel, though, preparation is key. We have some tips to help you nail down your prep work, both on appearance and manner.


The power suit

A job interview is a professional meeting, so naturally you arrive looking your best. It’s best to choose something fitted with a bit of colour and enough room for personal detail. If you have a suit, for example, ladies can wear a patterned blouse. Gents can choose a white shirt with a coloured tie. Look at images online to see what others in similar positions wear. While your professional concierge is picking up your suit from the cleaner, you can do extra prep in the meantime.

You don’t have to go to the salon especially for an interview, but if you’re overdue for a cut it’s advisable. If you can’t get a booking with the hairdresser, style your hair as best you can. A bit of gel, some hair ties or bobby pins are all you need. Clip your nails, make sure your shoes don’t have scuffs and choose a bag/briefcase that ties it all together.



If you had a professional concierge help you with your job search, the might have given you some background to the companies you applied to. Read their brief history and remind yourself why you applied; that’s one of the questions you will get asked at the job interview.

Of course, take this opportunity to ask some questions yourself. Ask the interviewers how they got started. Ask what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate, company culture, common challenges and how the role advances over the years. It’s good to ask the last one, because it implies you’re looking ahead to stay with the company.


Mannerisms matter

Of course you shake hands and smile, but there’s a bit of extra work to do. In an interview situation, there might be more than one person conducting it. Make sure you make eye contact with each person. They might not ask questions but they certainly have a reason for attending.

It’s not just the interviewers you have to impress, either. The moment you enter the office, it’s your time to shine. Leave your phone in the bag, smile and chat with the receptionist while you wait.

Preparing for a job interview, or several of them, takes time and effort. But if you get the job, all the work is worth the reward! Pick out your outfit, read your research for a third or fourth time and smile!