Job hunting; two little words that strike fear and loathing into hearts everywhere. The practice itself isn’t necessarily organised and it can turn into a roundabout search; you might apply for the same thing twice and not remember. Before you even start applying to jobs, make sure you do these:


Update everything

LinkedIn, resume, the works. Take previous positions off the resume that are several years old that don’t apply to the position or job level you’re seeking. If you have profiles on several sites, update them one at a time to make sure you get the details right.

This is a chance to cull old experiences and replace it with fresh information. Of course, there are number of “key skills” that are transferrable from one job to another. Take this chance to “show off” a bit but be honest about your skills.


Do your homework

This advice is always relevant but most people who go job hunting seem to forget it. Make sure you know the background of the company you’re applying to. What are they looking for in a potential employee? Do you understand what the company does and how you’d fit in?

Once you do this you can apply it to an awesome cover letter. You don’t have to write one from scratch each time you apply for a job. Write a master copy that details your experience and education. Once that’s done you can interchange details like why you’re applying for the job and the reasons you’re the best candidate.


Get an expert opinion

Naturally the prospect of job hunting is overwhelming. But you have an unexpected ally in your corner; the professional concierge. They use their organisational skills to break down your job hunt and how best to attack it.

Professional concierge services help update your LinkedIn profile and the like to make it coherent and make sure it all “flows”. When you’re updating your image, it’s important to get an unbiased opinion. That way you can have confidence in your job hunt; and in your interview.