A concierge takes those one-off and and long-term everyday tasks off their client’s hands, giving them more time to do the things they want to do. We all have lists or ideas of the things we’d like to enjoy, but actually being present and doing something new doesn’t happen often enough.  Giving that to-do list up means you can focus on the little things that can make a difference; you have the time.


Try a new restaurant.

Maybe you’ve heard of a new restaurant you want to try or maybe you are bored of the ones you habitually go to because it’s easier.  Following new restaurants on Instagram but never making that restaurant booking? Reserve that table and finally cross it off your list (or get your personal concierge to do it for you).


Go to the gym.

Pump that iron, sweat out that frustration and truly enjoy a good work-out session.  We all know that exercise boosts happiness, helps us to sleep better and increases energy levels.  What are you waiting for?


Learn something new.

This can be anything from learning to paint, take photos or to make smarter investment choices. Workshops and pop-up courses are everywhere and now readily accessible if you  want to improve your skills or learn new ones; so start that one thing today you always wished you could do.


Book a weekend getaway

Get away from it all with a weekend away.  A weekend with the girls, a family camping trip or a romantic luxury resort? Take time on the weekend for you and start your working week recharged.

Let your personal concierge take away your to-do list, and manage that inbox.  Those ‘weekend’ jobs  like tidying the home office or organising the catering for a party are in the concierge’s diary.  Let go of the chores, let your personal concierge take care of it and do the things that make life better for you.