Professional and personal concierge services are renowned for getting the job done without breaking a sweat. The things they do vary, and the motto goes “so long as it’s legal, we do it”. So, what are some of the bigger tasks concierges take care of?


Event planning

Yes, there are party planners but professional concierges do the job just as well. Thanks to their extensive network, and organisational skills all they need is a brief from clients and they’re off. The concierge works out details like sourcing the right venue, finding the perfect entertainment and ensuring everything is in place to make the event a success.


Travel itineraries

Professional concierges work with executive clients who are on the road often thanks to their job. The personal assistant can only go so far, and that’s why executives will rely on a concierge service. They have the contacts and experience to organise complex trips and itineraries. This includes booking flights, car services and accommodation options for trips with single or multiple destinations.


Home care

When travelling for business or pleasure, a homeowner rarely thinks about the state of their house, but they’ll want come back to it the same way they left it. A professional concierge can look after the home to keep things up to standard while they’re out of town. Duties involve home cleaning, garden maintenance and organising the areas that need it. This covers anything from the home office to the pantry.

On the more creative side, a homeowner might want to update their furnishings and have no time to get to the furniture store. They give the concierge a budget and/or a wish list and trust them to make the right choices. This may only happen, though, after the concierge has worked with their client for a time and knows their tastes.


Moving house

This is a big task for anyone. Professional concierges can make a timeline that ensures the move goes smoothly. They organising the packing and the moving of their client’s belongings.

The concierge can manage a move in any situation; including the relationship with rental agent or landlord. Their client might not have time to take calls or organise details like what time to pick up the keys. If they are authorised, the concierge can do this on their behalf. A little less stress goes a long way.