Apartments that offer “hotel living” in their description might bring images of sweeping views and a swimming pool. But to those who can afford it, property groups have taken this a few steps further. They’ve bought the hotel to the home – concierge included.

High flyers

Prestige buyers have a busy time running businesses and making money. The last thing they want to worry about is changing a blown lightbulb. Kerry Moy, a restaurant investor and frequent traveller, admits it was the services at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles that prompted him to move there.

“For this buyer time is a challenge…the solution is pay

to have it taken care of for you.”

Ron Barnes, real estate broker

A home concierge service is exclusive to where the owner lives and residents pay a premium for it (anyone have a couple of million to spare?). The concierge is a 24/7 service in a hotel, so the luxury home is no different.

Concierges are the new “must-have” amenity in luxury living. They handle the owner’s needs the same way a hotel concierge service would with its guests. Thanks to “close quarters” though, a more personal connection is built thanks to the same people seeing each other every day.

A friendly face

Seeing a warm smile just as you’re running out the door or coming home after a long day is a high selling point. Concierges who work in luxury residences become close to the people living there and anticipate their needs after a short period of time. If the home has pets, they arrange for a dog walker. When owners are hosting a party, the concierge organises the catering. Travis Reeve from Vanguarde Estate says that when it comes time for owners to move on:

“Most people…don’t want to leave (their apartments)

because they love their concierge.”

What about the rest of the world?

Not everyone lives in a multi-million apartment community. However that doesn’t mean they should miss out. To-do lists get made and jobs have to get done, but the lack of time is an issue. The rise of the home concierge is making personalised service more accessible to the everyday consumer.

Home concierges are making the idea of getting professional assistance less intimidating thanks to their reasonable prices. While some services need individual quoting (like for ad hoc tasks), most home concierges have a “package system” for different areas. These include: management of the home, of the client’s personal life and even concierge management for businesses.  



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