Company executives are more likely to be found in an aeroplane than in the boardroom thanks to the busy nature of their jobs. Someone has to organise their itinerary. Their personal assistant might go as far as booking a plane ticket on the company card, but other aspects of travel are out of their mind. This is where the professional concierge takes charge.

I’ll handle this
Executive concierges are more attuned to the personal and professional needs of their professional clients. After being handed flight information (or even after booking it themselves), they take charge of all aspects of the trip. This way their client can keep focus on the business they’re going away for in the first place.

A concierge has an extensive network to call on. Accommodation options are definitely in the forefront of an executive’s mind when they travel. A concierge knows their client needs a place to stay that’s comfortable, close to meeting places and other areas of interest like restaurants.

With accommodation options expanding to AirBnB, concierges can now give their clients a more personalised space to stay. Busy professionals need a space where they can relax and have a greater amount of privacy.

How would you get to and from the airport? Taxis are expensive and waiting for an Uber can feel like an age if you’re in a hurry.

Executive concierges organise transfer services for their clients as long as they’re needed. This can just be to the airport and back or for their entire trip around the city. Private cars are time savers when rushing around between engagements.

Dining and Entertainment
Social media and reviewing sites like Zomato have made amazing progress in helping picky eaters chose where to have dinner. However executives wanting to dine with clients for meetings or pitches have no time to search the web or read reviews.

The concierge will know what option for dining and entertainment is best suited for the occasion, whether it’s entertaining clients or taking a well deserved break. Executives can call on their professional concierge to arrange tickets to the latest event and count on them to arrange a 5 star experience.