Business owners can have dozens of tasks to tackle a day and some people ask; how do they do it all? Short answer? They don’t. Outsourcing assorted tasks is common practice in an executive’s life and this is quite often entrusted to a an office executive or Personal Assistant. However a Professional Concierge can be an additional support to get the jobs done that the executives or assistants don’t have time for.

Can’t a Personal Assistant do everything?

Yes and no. Personal Assistants certainly do take care of a number of jobs for their bosses, both personal and work related, they are however employed by the company and are bound within the contractual requirements of their role. A Professional Concierge can provide ad-hoc, on demand support to an executive from a business and personal perspective. Professional Concierges help keep an executive’s work and personal life separate, allowing for more privacy and enabling better focus on the tasks at hand.

What can a Professional Concierge do to support a business?

Professional Concierges have a range of services thanks to a great network of contacts and resources. Businesses can go to Professional Concierges over their employees for quick turnaround on tasks that their employees don’t have the time or skills for, or to carry out tasks of a more private and personal nature.  With no-overhead costs and an hourly rate, it’s a quick, effective and often cheaper way to get things completed without hiring extra staff.  For example here’s some of the business services that a Personal Concierge might support:


  • Event management

When a business has an event that’s held on a regular basis or even spontaneously, it means that time has to be devoted to planning. Busy employees or department heads don’t have time to spare. Enter the Professional Concierge. They can arrange all details from venue hire, catering, the guest list and posting invitations.


  • Guest Services

Visits from important guests or clients happen regularly in business and someone needs to take care of them. Professional concierges will step in to make sure their wants and needs are met. Airport transfers, gifts, hotel accommodation and dining plans come easily thanks to their network of contacts.


  • Team Development  

There’s no “I” in team and keeping morale up is key to keeping a business running. Professional concierges can organise team-building days or trips away as per directions.  


  • Personal errands and managing dates

Work can often bubble over and spill into personal time. This is why professionals hire a concierge service to take care of personal tasks . This includes purchasing gifts, organising events, booking tickets and arranging holidays. This ensures the “to-do list” is kept to a minimum and that another birthday isn’t missed!