Busy lives don’t leave a lot of time for people to think about themselves. Wellbeing is important but it’s often forgotten in the face of a never-ending to do list and important deadlines. Personal Concierges do more than tick off those last few agendas; they improve your emotional and physical wellbeing by providing you with an overall sense of calm by knowing that someone else is there to take care of it.

Less stress

The Australian Psychological Society reported that 30% of subjects surveyed stressed over work and 39% about lifestyle (APS Stress and Wellbeing Survey).  Stress in turn leads to sickness if severe enough. This is why employment contracts have “special/stress leave” sections. Burnout or emotional distress is never pleasant and taking leave can increase the strain more.

When a Personal Concierge takes over assorted tasks or even a few major jobs, the stress level reduces. The knowledge that items on an agenda are taken care of bring peace of mind and a sense of organisation. This in turn puts the efficiency where it’s needed most, like at the office or taking care of the family.

Support system

When a Personal Concierge is employed for a lengthy period of time, they become more attuned to their client’s needs and can be proactive with tasks therefore requiring little further direction. This support makes the client’s work/life balance more manageable.

Life becomes more convenient

Knowing that the to-do list is taken care of means that there’s less time dedicated to worry and more for the things you love. Engagements that were once considered luxuries, like time at the hairdresser, a round on the golf course or dinner with friends are now possible.

Hiring a Personal Concierge can improve a person’s health by leaps and bounds. Knowing that items on the agenda are being taken care of by a professional is an effective way of “lifestyle management” and reduces stress, sickness and absenteeism. The client’s time is handed back to them, and their lifestyle is better for it.