Whilst I’d love to say that my wardrobe and bedroom drawers constantly look like the inside of a Chanel boutique, I’d be lying if I said that sometimes they aren’t a little closer to how my bedroom used to look as a 15 year old.  Whilst this is certainly not intentional, by this point in the year, other priorities have taken over and my usually organised and systematic space has slipped to the bottom of my list.  With the change in seasons, the warmer weather has brought the perfect reasoning for me to get some order back amongst the chaos.  As per episode 1 of our “Get Organised Mondays” video series, I said I would document my process in the hope that you would get some inspiration to do the same.  I have to say, the satisfaction that comes from sliding open my wardrobe drawers to reveal a vision worthy of Vogue (in my eyes at least) and drawers that could give Marie Kondo a run for her money (again, that’s according to me), was well worth the few hours of pandemonium that my partner steered well clear of!

So here’s the broad outline of steps I went through:

  1. Labelled buckets for Bin, Charity, Mending/Dry Cleaning, a washing basket and a couple of empty vacuum packing bags ready to go
  2. Start one section at a time and sort through items, tidying and putting away
  3. I took the opportunity to vacuum inside the drawers and wardrobe and dust down shoe boxes etc
  4. Any items that were binned were noted in case I need to purchase a replacement
  5. Placed an eBay order for more shoe and boot boxes
  6. Vacuum packed / used fully enclosed storage boxes to put away winter clothes and keep them protected

And here’s the steps in a visual sense, please excuse the photography, I’m still very much a novice 🙂  I hope this gives you a little inspiration to give your wardrobe a spring makeover, trust me it’s worth it.  I’ll be taking my items to the charity shop today and that is always a good feeling.

Just an FYI, the satisfaction was definitely still fresh this morning as I opened the wardrobe!  It’s amazing how a little bit of organisation can make you feel like it’s going to be a good day…