Spring is well and truly here, not only are the birds swooping at my head more than ever but the conversations about Christmas plans have started and before we know it will be 2017, how time has flown this year (I’m sure it is speeding up as I get older)!

It’s the perfect time of year to re-visit that mental or physical to-do list that we all started at the beginning of the year and see how we are going with it.

Are we on track? Are the items still relevant? Is it achievable and are we setting ourselves up for success (not beating ourselves up at the other end because we’ve realised we aren’t super human)?

Having goals is important, they help drive our purpose, keep us motivated and give us a boost of positivity every time we get to cross something off.

By continuing to check-in and keeping ourselves accountable to our goals, we remain on the right path to achieving all that we set out to do over the course of the week, month, year and beyond.

So take a look at your to-do list for the year, give your self a pat on the back for what you’ve done and don’t be mean to yourself if you haven’t quite made it, life has a habit of throwing a few curve balls our way, particularly when we least expect it.

Regardless, there is still time to get yourself back on track to achieving something that is important to you.

Over on our Facebook page we’ve launched the first video of our weekly lifestyle management series: “Get Organised Monday’s” offering up tips and tricks to help you get a little bit more organisation into your every day life.

We hope to help keep you motivated and offer up suggestions for how to keep on a positive, calm and balanced path to whatever it is that is important to you and offering a helping hand whenever you need it.

Head on over and check it out

So, how is your to-do list looking?